GEORGE KHACHFE, Interior Architect/Director

George Khachfe CEO of Poliform UK is a highly respected interior’s architect and has been helping to design and craft interiors since his arrival on the Kings Road in 2002. Renowned for his passion, dedication and desire to create spaces that provide both form and function, George had the brilliant foresight to acquire the three storey Modernist building that had formerly housed the Chelsea Art & Design College, and this can be directly attributed to Poliform’s success here.

George’s belief and sheer determination has undoubtedly borne a mark on furniture trends within the UK. Poliform was known primarily for its wardrobe systems when it launched here, but George has an uncanny knack for trend prediction and he has been instrumental in steering and delivering new, highly desirable pieces and forming lifestyle trends under the Poliform umbrella. Testament to this would be Poliform’s collaboration with Lualdi – when fashion dictated ‘open plan’, George was looking to redefine open spaces by providing perfectly tailored solutions, integrating seamless pivotal doors to give the option of zoning.

Poliform’s beautiful showroom on the Kings Road was designed by George and Paolo Piva and opened its doors for the first time during London Design Week in 2002. The 8,000 square foot space promptly scooped up the coveted “Best Showroom Award”. Never one to sit still George expanded the space in 2009 by acquiring the 3,000 square foot showroom next door, and now Varenna and Poliform stand together showcasing a beautifully curated collection.

Testimony to George’s enthusiasm and foresight has resulted in a new acquisition for 2018 and second Flagship on the famous Wigmore Street in London.


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